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Why are you so cheap?

Many qualified home inspectors charge substantially more than Fryer Building Diagnostics, but our philosophy has always been to make professional building expertise available to the average home buyer. We don’t feel the need to inflate our prices because we are confident that we will earn our clients’ repeat business and referrals by providing excellent service at a reasonable price.

Why are you so expensive?

With nearly ten years’ experience in Jacksonville, we have seen cut-rate home inspectors come and go. With FBD, you really do get what you pay for. We are NOT a ‘turn and burn’ inspection mill. Every property receives the utmost attention of our seasoned inspectors, and FBD is committed to continuing education and training, including active membership in professional organizations like Infraspection Institute and InterNACHI. Given the complexity of a home, the possibility of hidden damage, deferred maintenance, and the potential cost of repairs, a 'bargain basement' home inspection could be very costly indeed.

Why don’t you offer same-day report delivery?

A great deal of time and effort goes into writing each FBD inspection report. Some home inspectors write reports on-site, using an app on a mobile device, and generally the report is full of fluff and boilerplate that does not provide substantive detail and guidance in making a home-buying decision.

At FBD, it is our firm belief that it is impossible for home inspectors to give a property their full attention with their nose in a screen. We take great pride in our reporting detail, including quality annotated photos, thermal images, and precisely written narrative. Our reports make it easy for our clients to see the house through the inspector’s eyes and understand what the inspector thinks. And we deliver home inspection reports the next day, within 24 hours of inspection completion.

Why do you charge more for older homes?

In our experience, homes aged 40+ years take longer to inspect and require a greater depth of knowledge than newer dwellings. The proper inspection of an older home requires familiarity with building techniques, styles and materials not in use today. This is where your experienced FBD inspector shines. We can properly advise you as to the safety, suitability, and insurability of the home and its installed systems and provide you with a detailed and thorough inspection report that will allow you to make an informed home buying decision.

Why don’t you charge less for condos?

Some home inspectors charge less for condominiums on the theory that the condo association handles the exterior, roof and common spaces, so these major areas can be safely ignored. This could be costly mistake. While the condo association does coordinate repair efforts, the cost for these repairs often falls directly to the owners (who else is there?).

It is critical that a prospective buyer of a condo be informed of major deficiencies with common structures and systems, like exterior stucco cracking, concrete spalling, outdated plumbing, and roof leaks. A thorough inspection of a condo requires us to extend our inspection expertise to units above, below and around the subject property. Such a detailed inspection requires no less time and effort than the inspection of a single-family home, and in some ways, requires more effort due to difficulties in access, as is the nature of multi-family buildings.

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